Episode 3:  

Fearless Parkour Girl

Extreme director DevinSuperTramp teams up with Calen Chan, an accomplished parkour and freerunning athlete. Together, they discover a new talent online—Elise Bickley, a 14-year old parkour phenom from the UK. They invite Elise to train together, and surprise her with her own video set in an airplane boneyard.

Starring: Devin Graham, Calen Chan, Elise Bickley

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Watch: Team SuperTramp -  Behind the Scenes of “Fearless Parkour Girl”

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Elise Bickley has been training parkour for the last 3 years—and she’s only 14!

DevinSuperTramp is an extreme video director with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Calen Chan is an accomplished parkour and freerunning athlete with a rapidly growing fanbase.

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